Covid Cancellations

Many musicians are taking to the internet to broadcast music. Check out the Facebook Group, Quarantine Music Streams, for lots of videos from different artists who are uploading live videos multiple times a day. Want to support your local artists? Reach out to them on facebook and find out if they have CD's available to purchase or if you can donate directly to them. Check out our BANDS page for ways to reach your favorite Alaskan musicians. 

I know that these are tough times for everyone. If you know of any great programs or resources to help people struggling with the upset caused by covid virus, please feel free to forward them onto me and I will do my best to continue spreading the word on how to help out as many people as we can.
Thank you, for everything.

Help Support Each Other 

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Help the Anchorage Service Industry

Right now, we're all feeling the impact of the spread of Covid-19. Food and beverage professionals are severely impacted by restaurants closing or shifting to take-out. Workers are hurting. Every little bit helps.

Every time you have a drink or meal at home during social distancing, consider tipping a local service industry worker through Venmo or Cash App.

We've set up away for you to tip a randomly selected service worker in Anchorage. Please help them out with a tip!


"Due to the public health crisis, Koots is temporarily shutting its doors for the first time in 50 years since we opened on January 1, 1970. 

That’s 18,337 days of entertainment, food, booze, and stapling bras on the wall. 

This means an unexpected loss of income for our staff.  Theirs are the friendly faces you see at the door, behind the bars, out on the floor, and in the sound booth.  In an effort to help them through these unprecedented times, we have partnered with our friends at Absolute Merch to print a limited run of Koot’s Crew 2020 tees. 100% of the profits from sales go directly to our beloved staff.

 Our community is one that was built on supporting each other and that support is how we will all get through this: together.  With your purchase you are helping the hard-working staff at Koot’s weather this difficult time.”  GET THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY T-SHIRT HERE

--Alaskans For Alaskans $5 Meal
"If you've had to take your work shoes off while Alaskan businesses close to prevent the spread of Covid-19, we want to help. Our community has been our strength so in this time of uncertainty, we want to offer you something in return.
We are offering $5 carry-out meals to support those who are laid off. And for those Alaskans working in health and emergency care, we know you're tired. Order an A4A Meal and we'll deliver it to you and waive the delivery fee.
Call now or go online to order carry-out.
49th State Brewing  $5 A4A Meals

---Food Drive at Catalyst 
"Friends of Catalyst, our community needs us!! Now is the time to extend a hand to those less fortunate than ourselves during this difficult time. With things being how they are, Food Banks are drying up and are desperate for donations, so we’re doing our part to try and ease others’ hardship by doing a food drive! Bring 2 or more non-perishable items, and we’ll show our personal gratitude (and a little extra thank you). Wishing everyone an abundance of health and happiness during these difficult times!"

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