12th Annual Six Mile Creek Whitewater & Bluegrass Festival 



5:45pm-6:15pm        Wash Your Hands
6:30pm-7:30pm        The Cold Angels
7:45pm-8:45pm        The Avery Wolves
9:00pm-10:00pm     Orion Donict 
10:15pm-11:15pm   The Shoot Dangs
11:30pm-1:00am      The Jephries

12th Annual Six Mile Creek Whitewater & Bluegrass Festival 


Hope Highway Mile 3.4 


The purpose of the Six Mile Creek Whitewater & Bluegrass Festival is to bring the whitewater paddling community, the music & arts community, and the general public together to share a unique weekend of athletics, entertainment, the human connection and nature on the beautiful shores of Six Mile Creek.

Come race or spectate the CHAOS of paddlers mass-start racing through a narrow, whitewater canyon... guaranteed ear-to-ear grins! While you’re at it, dance your faces off on the shores of the river on Saturday night to some gooood live music! There will be 3 races: Whitewater kayak, pack raft and extreme pool toy races!

EVERYTHING (live music, competition entry, festival entry, camping, bathrooms, parking, hot dogs) is FREE!!!!! As always, there will be an awards ceremony with sweet prizes for race winners (& loser), live music, and a fire show once the sun goes down!



Drive 1 hour south of Anchorage on the Seward Highway towards the town of Hope. Main festival grounds are located at mile 3.4 of Hope Road. Look for festival signs.



PLEASE NO MOTORHOMES or BUSES-there just isn’t enough parking space. You can park off the shoulder of the road, but DO NOT park over the white lines or you will be towed. Don't block anyone in and make sure sure sure your car is completely off the road. They are very serious about towing, so please spread the word!!! Please be respectful and don't park on anyone's private property! Be creative and use your common sense.
*** DO NOT PARK in the dirt road circle around The Portapotty's at the main festival area, cars/ambulances need to be able to drive in and turn around.
*** there is a good chance that you might have to drop camping gear off at the festival area, and go drive your car down the road a ways and find a shoulder big enough to pull off over the white line. There is another large camping area around mile marker 1.


Free camping! NO RV's or BUSES at the main festival area, tent camping only. There is simply not enough room for RVs or Buses to park there, they will take all of the car parking for competitors and festival goers. Make a spot for your tent in large field on the river hillside or behind the main stage. 


Take all of your trash, beer cans & cigarette butts home with you! This is a completely self-reliant festival held by a special permit on Forest Service land, so it has to be spotless once the festival is over! Not a single cigarette butt can be left behind. And PLEASE don't leave toilet paper in the woods! There will be Porta potty’s so please use them, the festival organizer will have to personally pick up any litter by hand after the festival.

Chugach National Forest rangers will be assessing the area after the festival and it needs to be BETTER than it was before the festival to have the festival next year... I need everyone's participation to do this (pick up any trash/paper, fluff up the grass where your tent was, pick up any left-over food on the ground, etc). 


 If you want to compete in the river races, you must have a proper life jacket, helmet, and drytop/dry suit. A drysuit is highly recommended because there's usually swimming involved. If you don't have the proper whitewater gear then you can’t compete in the races!!



The safety meeting will be held immediately before the races at 1:30pm sharp at the 1st Canyon race site Saturday. Please be IN GEAR & right next to the highway at the top of the race put in trail at 1:30 PM sharp for the safety meeting!!!See schedule below for sign-up info.




* If you want to help, all you have to do is contribute somehow. Doing things like:
- bring something cool or festive to share with everyone! (Hot tub, etc)
- bring a little firewood to the bonfire pit at the main stage area
- pick up any trash you see
- help break down/clean up the main stage on Sunday morning
- help direct people from blocking the road/dirt road loop area
- help set safety during the races


11:00am: Race signup

1:00pm: racers and spectators leave main festival grounds and drive up the road to the race site

1:30pm sharp: RACE SAFETY MEETING at the top of the race put-in trail.

2:00 pm: KAYAK/CANOE/INFLATABLE KAYAK - Mass-start extreme race through the 3 biggest rapids of the 1st canyon 

2:30pm: PACK RAFT - Mass-start extreme race through the 3 biggest rapids of the 1st canyon

3 pm: INFLATABLE POOL-TOY - Mass-start extreme race ... ride an alligator, shark, couch, whatever you want... (whitewater gear is required... aka: drysuit, life jacket, helmet)


5:45pm-6:15pm        Wash Your Hands
6:30pm-7:30pm        The Cold Angels
7:45pm-8:45pm        The Avery Wolves
9:00pm-10:00pm      Orion Donict 
10:15pm-11:15pm   The Shoot Dangs
11:30pm-1:00am      The Jephries

* Kracken River Club
* Cook Inlet Keepers
* Turnagain Kayak
* Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company
* Alaska Raft & Kayak
* Chugach Outdoor Center
* American Whitewater
* Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking

******* Any questions or if you want to volunteer help please email Timmy @ kayaker35@hotmail.com or sign up at the festival *******

More info at https://www.facebook.com/events/336363486918699