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Becky Kotter

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Becky Kotter grew up in the small town of Spring Creek, Nevada where she discovered her gift for music early in life. Performing since the age of 7 and picking up a guitar at 13, it wasn't long before she was writing her own songs influenced by artists like Jack Johnson, Ben Kweller, and Ben Folds. Becky cut her first all-original album before her 20th birthday, and has been passionately singing and songwriting ever since.

Over the years, Becky’s style as evolved & refined into one completely her own. When trying to describe her style of music, terms such as alternative folk-rock, progressive acoustic, jazz fusion, avant-garde, and even math rock have been used. If you ever find her guitar in a standard tuning, it won't likely remain there long, as she loves experimenting with unconventional chord combinations paired with unique fingerpicking patterns, colorful lyrics, and fervent strumming.

Becky has called Alaska home (literally in her song entitled "Home") since 2015. When not strumming her guitar, she can usually be found in the mountains, seeking inspiration for new songs, while bombing down the trails on her mountain bike.

Look for her new album to be released Spring of 2019!

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